When the Eye Catches Vision

What do we sense when the eye catches vision? What is recognized by the eye? The entire universe lies hovering independently on its own in the realm between our visual reality and the unseen, invisible for the naked eye.···


Fragrance of Art

A friend of mine, actually my very best friend since our early age when we went to school, a young lady who later became a literary critic, told me once: ”Poetry is like a fragrance in the written form”. ···


'Four Seasons'
A reflection of natural Scandinavia

Seeing is eye's reason, but not its function.

Reading is the eye's function, but not its movement.

Perceiving is the eye's movement, but not its power.

Illuminating is the eye's power, but not its attribute.

Absence WITHOUT images; outside time; is the eye's attribute and its virtual annihilation ···