When the Eye Catches Vision

What do we sense when the eye catches vision? What is recognized by the eye? The entire universe lies hovering independently on its own in the realm between our visual reality and the unseen, invisible for the naked eye.

When the Eye Catches Vision

Dominating elements in our surroundings have their very own domains where plain seeing bears no longer any meaning. Human spirit seeks a deeper purpose and we shift towards the instinctive, the intuitive itself. Further existences are created. Further worlds are reflected but where could the essence of the eternal purpose be found… the fundamental elements? Everything lies inside the limits of the possible. The entity is gradually completed, layers upon layers in progress and through experience.

In her creativity expressions Maya Rygaard becomes a path maker, she introduces us to something metaphysical that should not exist or should it?

With colours and in something that at first appears as a mere stain we receive the key. The key to the worlds which lie beyond the limits for our thinking in physical terms. A mere stain, an image that curiously yarns for the essence of life. While regarding her paintings we shall see the worlds, which have evolved on their own merits and Maya is an extended part of its existence transforming her person to a guiding mediator. You will see and you will be seen by the painting. Obviously, we all search for the meaning of life, something feasible that would explain the existence, breathing and the perishable nature of our life. We keep on searching and exploring in a never-ending manner. In a meditative state we wonder along the entangled threads that runs interlaced like the universe, beyond our imagination. If one cannot be comforted by Maya's paintings, at least they are reflecting something referential: they point onward but without losing their connection with the past which gives us inflictions upon the self-evident, inflictions we never knew existed.

She enlivens the colours and the colours enliven her. She paints with diffuse but beautiful brushes. Like an old photography the image is etched into your mind and you shall see. You see with invisible senses and the image will settle down with sensitivity and seriousness deep in your innermost being.

Thereby a spiritual gravitation, a spiritual magnetism will raise, a kind of peculiar remembrance which evokes a whisper and we shall rest in the momentum. A symbiotic coexistence between aesthetics and solemnity.

At times one finds oneself thinking, what happened just now? The colours create a world that somewhere in your inner self reverbs and the memories gush upon us. In our history, in your history, certain calmness resides. We find comfort in remembering and art, Maya's art, acknowledges this. In a painting one sees the past, the changes and the future. The circle of life tolls purely in your ears with soberness and your senses are opened wide, prepared to meet the unknown.

Landscapes, plains, spring lights and oceans, sequences out of the momentum we brought to a halt on. Parts of the world and the earth which inhabit their own tales. They exhibit tones which create a continuous resonance in harmony with nature and our spiritual existence. Oceans, bluish chaos and megastructures trying to settle the order in their inbound vulnerability. The result of our own contemporary hubris.

What shall happen when we pass the boundaries for our own capacity? Its effect is sometimes desolate; it may turn our barren arid and harsh. Nevertheless, we discover the soft and gentle in the nuances of sand, greenish and even darkness still sharing the lucidity of light. In its condensed essence and between the layers all the good still exists. Like when catching the glimpse of plain marsh where fragile life thrives in its softness and warmth. Without lecturing she guide us with soft brushes and colours shifting from shade to another in a seemingly endless continuity, she sees, the image sees and thus the Eye Catches Vision.

Luciano Escanilla