Curriculum vitae


Courses at Art School 2001-2007  

Studies for Art University, Art School 1999-2003 

Extensive studies under the guidance of Art Professors as mentors 2001-2007 

Studies in theatre and dramaturgy, Sweden 2001-2002


Oil Painting ”Borders” – ”Fronteras” included in the permanent international collection at the museum of La Galeria Central de la l. Municipalidad de Cuenca Ecuador. 


Museums, private and public collections, companies, country councils, municipalities and art associations


Art teacher Jury assignments 
Art pedagogue

Selected One Person Exhibitions

A.K. Jacobsson Auction Gallery, Sweden 2018 
Gallery Abante, Sweden 2017 
PicaFlor, BismarckStrasse 99, Berlin 2016 
Sundsvall Museum, Sweden 2015 
Edsvik Art Hall, Sweden 2013 
Casa de la Cultura Aguimes, Spain 2013
 Edsvik Art Hall, Sweden 2010 
 Galleria Ars Longa, Finland 2010  
Museo de Arte Moderno, Ecuador 2010 
Gallery Catherine Bajar, Finland 2008 
 Edsvik Art Hall, Sweden 2007 
 Sigtuna Kulturgård, Sweden 2007 
 Suomi Gallery, Sweden 2007 
 Art Fair, Sweden 2007 
 Gallery Ett, Sweden 2006 

Stockholm, Art Fair, Sweden 2006 
Gallery Vingen, Sweden 2006
Gallery Abante, Sweden 2006 
Stockholm Art Fair, Sweden 2005  
Ekeby Qvarn Art Space, Sweden 2004  
Taxinge Slott, Sweden 2003-2004 
Gallery Master Olof, Sweden 2003
 Gallery Olika, Sweden 2002 

Selected Group Exhibitions

Ars Longa Helsingfors 2019
ArtExpo, New York April 2016
Bengtsfors Art Hall, Sweden 2009
International Compact with Iraq, Annual review conference, Gallery Infra, Sweden 2008 
 Boundaries and Control, Edsvik Art Hall, Sweden 2007 
 Nordic Watercolour, Edsvik Art Hall, Sweden 2007 
 Nordic Watercolour, Luleå Art Hall, Sweden 2007 
 Nordic Watercolour, Ronneby Culture Centre, Sweden 2007 
 Aqua Di Colori Watercolour exhibition, Edsvik Art Hall, Sweden 2006 Christmas Art Exhibition, Edsvik Art Hall, Sweden 2005
 Aqua Di Colori, Edsvik Art Hall, Sweden 2005 
 Summer Exhibition, Ekeby Qvarn Art Space, Sweden 2005 
 Summer Exhibition, Edsvik Art Hall, Sweden 2005 
 Villa Grünewald, Sweden 2004 
 Vasby Art Hall, Sweden 2004 
 Gallery Infra, Sweden 2004 
 A number of Jury Selected Exhibitions on Vasby Art Hall, Sweden 2002-2005 Exhibition Gerlesborg Art School, France 2002 
 Summer Exhibitions, Baldersnas Dalsland, Sweden 2001-2006


KRO, Swedish Artists’ Association 
FSK, Association of Swedish Women Artists 
BUS, Visual Arts Copyright Society in Sweden

Maya Rygaard

Born in Vaasa, Finland

Living and working in Båstad Sweden